A Life of Unhappiness is Not What God Has Planned For Us

When we are born into a family environment that may not necessarily look like the perfect picture, or what our hearts imagined to be perfect, it becomes difficult to find the right answer for what your true purpose is. KENECHI® helps you answer the right questions, uncover your true purpose and begin your journey of a life fulfilled.

Our mission, together.

We provide resources for youths, young adults, parents, guardians, and organizations working with youths and young adults to achieve a life fulfilled.

How do I become and live what I was meant to be?

I can imagine that many kids ask themselves the question “Who am I?” and “Where am I going?” Then, as we grow into adulthood, the questions shift to “How did I get here” and may also continue to include “Who am I?” if not realized by then. The answer to these questions is critical and can prove to be either the stepping stones to a path of a life fulfilled, or to the road of stumbling blocks of a life longing for purpose, and the hope of something bigger and better.

As a kid, I asked these same questions and then, as I grew older and realized that I never received the complete or satisfying answers that I had hoped for, it led me to wonder, “What would my life have been like if I did?”

This insight revealed a vision for helping youths, young adults, parents and guardians acquire the necessary values, skills and support to succeed in society. This vision guided the evolution of KENECHI® for you.