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An Informative Approach to Purposeful Living

Let’s advance youth and young adults to a better future, empower their voice, increase their participation, and help them achieve a more purposeful and joyful life.

Partnering with KENECHI® offers

Increased Visibility

We promote your agency on our website highlighting your mission, events and special announcements, including a link to your website.

Greater Awareness

We will refer youth whose needs may require your services, or parents and guardians who seek the help that your programs offer.

Content Sharing

We offer an additional channel for sharing your video content, helping to expand your audience and boost viewership on kenechi

Fundraising Potential

We list your agency as a partner with a link to your donation webpage.

Grant Opportunities

We collaborate on grant opportunities that are best secured by joint participation.

Search Optimization

We share webpage links, which helps improve your positioning in search results.

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